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Our Karate Creed: I come to you with only karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor; right or wrong, then here are my weapons "Karate Empty Hands." Karate Ni Santi Nashi



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What King Cobra Karate is All About:

Vision: King Cobra Karate, Inc. will be recognized as the premier martial arts center that advances multifunctional martial arts offerings building upon a lifestyle of maturity, discipline, and humanity. All team, including owners, instructors, students, and customers, will possess the deepest desire for credibility and integrity, premier level skill development, and wholeness. King Cobra Karate, Inc. will be known as the number one karate school in the nation.


Martial Arts Training:

Comprehensive Martial Arts training involves much more than the movies depict. Students progress through a series of belt levels as designed to indicate the level of proficiency of Martial Arts knowledge, skill, and discipline. Martial Arts training contains four distinct skill and discipline development areas:

Maturity within Martial Arts is marked by the continual refinement of skill that is mastered over several years of consistent practice and performance at martial arts tournaments.

Hard work results in the development of integrity, honor, respect, and discipline.


Martial Arts training produces the ability to move throughout life with confidence and success. All students that take training seriously achieve black belt status and transforms from the trained to the trainer. Black belt status carries remarkable weight in social, work, and business circles.


The ability to concentrate, focus, and complete everyday tasks are hallmarks of a well disciplined lifestyle that is the result of Martial Arts training.




  Our Mission: It is the Mission of the King Cobra Karate, Inc. to train and develop world-class martial arts students. We do this by teaching the complete traditional martial arts discipline, honor and respect. 


  Core Values: The core values of King Cobra Karate, Inc. are:

  • A commitment to traditional martial arts teachings
  • A commitment to student needs
  • A commitment to fiscal integrity
  • A commitment to instructor development and unity
  • A commitment to community impact
  • A commitment to producing national and state champions
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